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We all see life through our own prism, with different shapes, colors and ideas. For example, what do you think of when you hear the name Gray Matters Counseling

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The brain?

Greg said that his intention was always to major in psychology, but somehow he ended up with a BS in business finance. After a successful career as purchasing director for Energy West Mining, he still felt driven to work in a helping profession - himself being adopted at an early age. 

He began by mentoring youth, eventually working part-time at Castle Country Youth Center. At that point, he said it felt like doors began opening for him. He worked for Utah Foster Care Foundation, learning about foster care and recruiting foster families.

Greg then returned to the U of U where he was awarded a Master’s Degree of Social Work with a clinical emphasis in 2005. He earned his license as an LCSW in 2007 after 4,000 clinical hours and associated training, earning more Gray hair along the way (which Matters). . Since then, he has been employed as a therapist with Utah Youth Village, Intermountain Specialized Abuse Treatment Center (ISAT) and the State of Utah.

Cowan said he has learned a lot about the system and worked to help juveniles, blended families, individuals of all ages and court-ordered clients. He recognizes that the choice of a therapist /counselor is a personal decision and will differ from one person to the next. He grew up in Carbon County, Utah and with his wife, Clea, raised their family in the area. He refers to these “rich experiences” as providing him a unique understanding of the culture, industry, people and families of the area.“The one thing I have learned is that all families are from time to time faced with their own problems,” Cowan stated. “They can benefit from help by a professional whom they trust.” He recognizes that a client’s situation must remain confidential, especially in Carbon and Emery counties where everyone knows each other.Gray Matters is located in Suite #5 of the Oliveto Building next to Zions Bank in Price. Gray Matters can be contacted by phone at (435) 650-9008 or by e-mail at  Greg is available by appointment and tries to work around work schedules..